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by Lynn Perrier

Ginger kitten


As an animal lover I don't like to read unhappy stories about pets but it is vitally important that you know what letting your cats play with plastic bags or leaving plastic bags out in the open, can cause. I feel I have a moral obligation to try and educate as many people as I can about the hazards of ordinary plastic bags. I would hate for anyone else to go through this. Here is my story...

I had a wonderful cat by the name of Cleo. For some reason my cats always loved to sleep and lay on plastic bags so when I did my grocery shopping I would often leave a few out for them to have fun in. Cleo in particular used to curl up inside the bag and sleep. Sometimes she would play with the other cats through he hole(handle). She loved sitting inside and peeking out of the hole. Now I always made a few snips and little holes so they couldn't suffocate. I thought it was so cute I even have pictures of her doing it.

One day I came home from work and Cleo was nowhere to be found. I looked high and low and finally discovered her under my bed when. I got her out, she had a plastic shopping bag wrapped around her middle. Now this may be a little difficult to envision but I'll try my best to describe it. The bag was the regular grocery type that has a hole cut out to put your hands in the carry. Her head was just the right size to poke in and out of the hole. It looked like she had put her head through the hole and then stepped on the body of the bag, pulling it further down her neck, until she couldn't get it off.

During the day, while I was at work, she must have continued trying to get out of it, all the time making it go further own her body until it was pulled down as far as her middle. The damn thing was so tight around her middle that I had to pry it off and cut it with scissors. I have no idea how long she must have run around with the bag hanging off of her and terrorized. My precious Cleo went insane. I had to have her put to sleep.

You won't see a plastic bag anywhere in my place now. I get groceries of course but those bags are immediately put in a cupboard. I won't even leave one on the counter for a minute. I don't like distressing stories and I'm sorry if this has upset anyone but I felt I had to warn everyone of this particular hazard and I hope now that you know about it, you will tell anyone else who may let their cats play with plastic bags.

CAUTION: I just heard from a friend of mine that her cat was almost suffocated today. She had a large plastic bag from a comforter which her cat got into. She didn't think anything of it until she walked back into the room to find her second cat was laying on top of the bag. The cat inside had the plastic stuck to its body like it was shrink wrapped. If she hadn't returned when she did, the cat would have suffocated.

** It should also be noted that if your cats like to play in paper shopping bags, make sure you cut the handle in half so they don't get stuck in it.

Reprinted with the kind permission of the author

About the Author: Lynn Perrier is a motivational writer whose life has lead her down many paths, not all of which were pleasant. They have nevertheless opened her mind and heart to the important things in life. With an often humorous slant, her writing will leave you with food for thought and a smile on your face especially the articles about her cats from whom she gets unlimited inspiration. She has recently joined an illustrious group of writers on the ezine The Columnists


Hello.  I just read about your story about your cats and plastic bags.  I recently had a very tragic situation regarding something quite similar.  This past Saturday, my dog Boomer, a happy, healthy six year old lab mix suffocated on a Doritos bag.  Our family had been eating lunch, and Boomer had been her usual begging self as we all planned to leave the house, we had forgotten the Doritos bag on the coffee table.  In the time we were out, Boomer had gotten into the bag and eaten the contents.  Unfortunately, her head became wedged into the bag such that she could not get it off.  We found her hours later dead on our living room floor, having suffocated with the bag still covering her face.  It was a preventable tragedy, one I may never forgive myself for, but I can get the word out about the dangers of plastic bags such as potato chip bags which can become fixed on your pets face.  They can suffocate on this.  If you must buy potato chips, put them in a larger sealable container, and make sure to shred the bag so that it cannot suffocate your pet.

Thomas Ducey

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